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Here is the latest dispatch from our correspondent, Bill Donegan:

Thanks to Jack and Tonya Daft I was able to participate in the making of a documentary about the oil and gas history in the Kanawha Valley area. “Burning Springs” is a documentary produced by Motion Masters, a Charleston, W.Va. company that has produced educational videos since 1987. Financial oversight for the “Burning Springs” project is provided by The University of Charleston, who is seeking sponsers. You may make financial tax deductible contributions to University of Charleston 2300 MacCorkle Ave S.E. Charleston, W.Va. 25304.

Our part was concerned about General Jones, Porter Stiles, who led a group of Confederates along the Kanawha River to steal everything that was movable and burn the rest. Myself, Jack Daft and Mark, a member of Motion Masters, were videoed making touches to use to start the fires. It seems that a Mr. Rathbone had contacted General Jones to bribe him not to set fire to the Charleston refinery. However, General Jones said, “we will burn it all to the ground.”

Motion Masters will be filming stock footage at the Bulltown event in October so be sure to sign a wavier upon registration for that event. Or to get a leg up you may contact Diane Dimoff the producer at ddimoff@motionmasters.com and she will e-mail you a release to fill out.

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Bill Donegan

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Burning springs 002


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