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Burning Springs Documentary Filming

  Here is the latest dispatch from our correspondent, Bill Donegan: Thanks to Jack and Tonya Daft I was able to participate in the making of a documentary about the oil and gas history in the Kanawha Valley area. “Burning Springs” is a documentary produced by Motion Masters, a Charleston, W.Va. company that has produced […]

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Movie Reviews – Something Different

On those occasions that I review movies here, they are generally new releases. This is a little different. A few months ago, while hanging around Walmart to get my oil changed, I saw a DVD collection of war movies in the $5.00 bin. The title was “War Movies (WWII Collection)” Since it had 20 old […]

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Documentry Film Site

I received this email from Liz Cook regarding an internet site which allows viewers to watch documentary films for free. I checked it out and it looks fascinating. There may be something there that interests you: Hope this email finds you well. As you can see from my email, I work for SnagFilms, an online […]

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Movie Review – 36 Hours

If we run short of new historically-based movies to review, there are always plenty great old ones to rediscover. This is one that I had somehow missed but recently was pleased to pick up. It was made in 1965 and stars James Garner, Rod Taylor and Eva Marie Saint. Shot in black and white, it […]

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A Reenactor’s Christmas List – Cyber Monday Deals

A Reenactor's Christmas List - Cyber Monday Deals

If you are looking for something to buy a reenactor or you’re wanting to offer suggestions to people who may be buying for you, we thought we’d point you to some deals we’ve seen online for Cyber Monday.


20 Years of “Glory”

This morning I came upon a site that reminded me that this year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the best Civil War movies ever made and one that motivated a lot of baby boomers to go out and buy blue or gray wool uniforms and start reenacting. That movie, of course, is “Glory” […]


‘Defiance’ Movie Review

Last Saturday, I saw ‘Defiance’ at the Cinema here in Morgantown along with one of my sons and a fellow reenactor. It was money well spent. Daniel Craig (the latest James Bond) and Liev Schreiber head a talented cast in an intense and well-made film. They portray two of the four Bielski brothers, who set […]


Movie Review: Valkryie

Alright, I went to Valkryie. I did so with some trepidation mostly due to the casting of Tom Cruise as Claus Von Stauffenberg. Also, I generally expect Hollywood to screw up historical subjects, so I was doubtful about this one. Oddly enough, I found that I actually enjoyed it.


Review: The Battle of Shaker Heights

I recently rented a movie titled “The Battle of Shaker Heights” which I had heard was about reenactors.  As most of us know, movie companies use reenactors in their productions, but actually making movies which feature reenacting as part of the plot is a fairly recent development. So, I was curious to see what this […]

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A Sharpe Idea

Some time ago, I began getting the Sharpe series from Netflix. If you are not familiar with this British production, it concerns the adventures (military and romantic) of Major Richard Sharpe, commander of the 95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot in Wellington’s army during the Napoleonic wars. Sean Bean (Boromir in Lord of the Rings) stars […]