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Burning Springs Documentary Filming

  Here is the latest dispatch from our correspondent, Bill Donegan: Thanks to Jack and Tonya Daft I was able to participate in the making of a documentary about the oil and gas history in the Kanawha Valley area. “Burning Springs” is a documentary produced by Motion Masters, a Charleston, W.Va. company that has produced […]

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Movie Reviews – Something Different

On those occasions that I review movies here, they are generally new releases. This is a little different. A few months ago, while hanging around Walmart to get my oil changed, I saw a DVD collection of war movies in the $5.00 bin. The title was “War Movies (WWII Collection)” Since it had 20 old […]

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A Reenactor’s Christmas List – Cyber Monday Deals

A Reenactor's Christmas List - Cyber Monday Deals

If you are looking for something to buy a reenactor or you’re wanting to offer suggestions to people who may be buying for you, we thought we’d point you to some deals we’ve seen online for Cyber Monday.


Hitler rants about Allied Reenactors

Probably a lot of you have seen this on Youtube, but it is still funny (to reenactors especially!). Hitler rants about Allied Reenactors By the way, this clip is from a great movie called “Downfall,” which is about Hitler’s last days and was released in Germany a few years ago amid much controversy. Available from […]


King Tiger Video

Restored German Mark VI King Tiger tank Youtube site with great Panzer videos. The sound is awesome! The King Tiger featured virtually impenetrable armor on its front and sides, but was vunerable at the rear. The enormous weight of the tank (70 tons) put huge demands on the drive train, resulting in frequent mechanical problems. […]

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