School of the Longhunter

After a year’s hiatus due to the pandemic, Pricketts Fort, (near Fairmont, West Virginia)  held its School of the Longhunter, which is largely a symposium on various aspects of life on the 18th century frontier. This year, due to ongoing restrictions, all aspects of the event were held outside of the visitors’ center in and around the fort. Topics discussed included: Rendering Fat: How bear and deer fat is rendered to make usable grease; Shoe packs, which was a discussion of how to make and use such winter footwear:; Perspective on Colonial Frontier Horns (powder horns); Care and Cleaning of Your Flintlock and the life of frontiersman Sam Brady.

There was also a show and tell of “Bring an original 18th Century item from your collection.” On Saturday evening there was an auction to benefit the fort and a church service was scheduled for Sunday morning.

It was great to be able to get back to attending a living history event. Pricketts Fort is a great location and provides an outstanding period atmosphere for reenactors of this time period. If you are interested in the early history of western Virginia, you may want to check out this event for next year.


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