School of the Longhunter


The 25th Annual School of the Longhunter was held at Pricketts Fort, 88 State Park Road,  Fairmont, WV 26554  As usual, the speakers were excellent and the event was worthy of it’s anniversary status.

On the first day, we heard Beth Kennedy discuss “Settlers and Captives”, then Willie Franklin went over  “The Small Things: Matching Your Gear to Your Gun.”After lunch, there was a Round Robin trade session and then Mike Galban gave an interesting talk on “Dogs encountered on the Frontier”.  That evening, there was a Fort Feast (potluck dinner), but we were tired and live nearby, so we missed that.

On the second Day, author and longhunter authority, Mark Baker, discussed “An Armed Englishman is a Free Englishman: The Cultural Perspectives of English Society That Drove Armed Neighbors, in Mutual Defense, to Lexington and Concord.” After that Nathan Kobuck talked about “Tips, Tricks and Bad Ideas.” After lunch, Mark Baker reviewed his “Four Decades on the Trail: Who I Once Was, Who I Am Now, Which Signs I Still Find Intriguing, and Which Signs Are Still Hard to Follow.” There was an auction in the evening, proceeds to go to the fort. I got a bottle of bear oil and some lead.

There was a church service on Sunday.

As usual, a fine time was had by all. You should make plans to attend next year.



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  1. Nikki Batayias Avatar
    Nikki Batayias

    I would like to come to the LongHunter school this April. Please let me know if there is room to come.Thank you Nikki Batayias

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