Fort Frederick Market Fair 2016


Fort Frederick State Park is a Maryland State Park surrounding the restored Fort Frederick, a star fort active in the French and Indian War  (1754–1763) and the American Revolution (1775-1783). The fort served as a refuge for settlers and was originally garrisoned by the 60th Regiment of foot and local militia. It was never directly attacked. It was a prisoner of war facility during the Revolution. The fort was abandoned after the 1790s, but was garrisoned early in the American Civil War and the 1st Maryland Infantry (US) fought a skirmish there against Confederate raiders on Christmas Day, 1861. The fort was abandoned again after 1862. In 1922, the state acquired the fort as a site for Maryland’s first state park. Much of the restoration of the fort was done in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. *

In addition to a multitude of recreational activities held at the park, the Fort has hosted an 18th Century Market Faire for the last 22 years. It is open to the public and is extremely popular with reenactors.  This year the Fair was held April 21-24. As usual it is a lot of fun with many activities and attractions, living history, lots of reenactors (many of whom were putting out trade blankets) and enough sutlers to bankrupt the average reenactor!

There is a lot to see at the event: soldiers, sailors, privateers, and period civilians of all descriptions. There are even a few members of the nobility floating about, rubbing shoulders with the common people.  Come out and see it next April. You won’t be disappointed.




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