Upcoming Event: Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett’s Tavern in Heathsville, Virginia

March 17, 2009 - No Comments

by Sarah Barnes

We received this communique this morning. All time periods are welcome!

I am writing to see if I can post an invitation to single or an organization who would like to attend a living history weekend at Rice’s Hotel / Hughlett’s Tavern in Heathsville Virginia. I have had Civil War Reenactors there for the last 2 years and last year we had long hunters and Rev. War. attend also. I would like to invite others to attend from any time period in history. I have found this acts as a good teaching tool and a way to gain new recruits. The weeknd will be the 3rd Saturday, July the 18th 2009, as the focal day but persons can come out and stay Friday to Sunday. I will be there from Thrusday to Sunday.

Thanks, Robert W. Hundley

Teaching history by living it.



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