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  • This Year’s Coming Events

    Here is what we have so far: January 2019 WWI – Jan 11-13, 2019: “The Calm Before the Storm”(Hosted by FR 90 (German). Time period: Winter 1917-18. Event held at the Caesar Krauss Great War Memorial Site, Newville, PA.

  • Upcoming Events – February and March

    Things have been slow on the blog for the last month or so, due to real-life job responsibilities and a lack of events to cover. Hopefully that will be changing now.  With FIG over, the reenacting season is starting to crank up.  Here are some events coming up in the next couple of months: February…

  • MTA 2010 – Beautiful weather- Great time!

    MTA 2010 – Beautiful weather- Great time!

    The title says it all. March 20-21 was a great weekend for the annual Military Through the Ages event at Jamestown Settlement. Despite having been out at Newville the previous week and dreading the 7-hour drive, I still felt compelled to attend. I’m glad I did. This was even better than last year. I don’t…

  • Gallery: Military Through the Ages 2009

    Photos from the Military Through The Ages event in Jamestown, VA (March 21-22, 2009).