School of the Longhunter 2022

On April 1st and 2nd, Linda and I attended the annual School of the Longhunter at Pricketts Fort near Fairmont, WV. ( This a yearly symposium style event that provides expert speakers on various aspects of 18th Century life in this area as well as hands-on demonstrations of pioneer skills and other fun and informative activities. It is always also an opportunity to see old friends and make new ones.

This year, we had the following agenda:

A discussion of the life of frontiersman, Simon Kenton; Long distance shooting with a flintlock rifle; Riving Boards and Making Pegs: Taking Your Cabin to the Next Level; Cordage: A Practical Look and How to; Washington’s Small Beer and Brewing in the 18th Century (with samples): More Than Just Squirrel Cookers: Equipment of the Longhunters; Forting up; and The Popularity of Chocolate on the Frontier.

In addition, there was a “fort feast” on Friday night and an auction to benefit the fort on Saturday night. The event closed Sunday morning with a church service. Despite cold and blustery weather, I think everyone had a great time. A big thanks goes out to Greg Bray and Bill Schneider for putting together a great program.

This is a great event and worth the charge. I highly recommend it.



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