Fort Ligonier Days

On the weekend of October 12-13, Ligonier, PA celebrates Fort Ligonier Days commemorating the 1758 siege of the British fort by French and Indian forces. My wife and I joined up with Les Compagnies Franches de la Marine du Contrecouer, which recreates one of the French Marine regiments garrisoned at Fort Duquesne. I as a Marine and she as a civilian.

The event centered around a lengthy parade through Ligonier in the morning followed by a morning battle, then after lunch another attack on the fort. In the evening, we enjoyed a fine potluck dinner with the regiment.

The battles involved about 50-60 French Marines and a smaller number of French army troops as well as a small contingent of Native allies. The British and colonial troops numbered half again as many troops. There were also a significant number of civilian impressions on both sides.

The fort itself is impressive and is based on the typical 18th century star-fort pattern, although constructed of logs rather than stone. The fort is also surrounded by abatis and there is a significant number of cannon and mortars within. There is a very nice visitor’s center adjacent to the fort. It is well worth the drive to experience.

This is a fun event and is reasonably close to our home, so we will probably be making this trip again.


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