Fort Henry Days 2018

On Sunday, September 2, we took part the reenactment of the 1777 siege of Fort Henry by Native American allies of the British. Scenarios alternated through the weekend as the Saturday battle featured the 1792 attack by natives as well as British regulars and Loyalists. Sunday’s battle reenacted the 1777 event, in which the attackers included members of the Shawnee, Wyandot and Mingo tribes*. The event takes place at Oglebay park, Wheeling, WV every Labor Day weekend.

The event featured a number of period sutlers as well and continuous musical presentations as well as a Punch and Judy puppet show and historical lectures. The camps represented Native, British and American colonial forces.

The reenactment began with some children being spirited away by attackers hidden in a cornfield. Efforts to find the girls came to naught. Militia reinforcements arrived but left when no apparent threat appeared. After the militia departed, the natives began their attack on the village and fort, but were held off by the settlers in the fort. Eventually, hearing the gunfire, the militia returned and helped drive off the attackers.

This is good event and if you preregister and attend on Saturday, you can get a very good meal in the evening.



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