GAP – Battle of the Bulge Reenactment 2017

First levy Volkssturm.
First levy Volkssturm.


This annual reenactment/living history event was held from January 25 through the 28th at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. As usual, it was a great opportunity to see some outstanding impressions, visit with old friends and shop at the many vendors who came to sell their wares at the event. As usual, we assisted at the German hospital. Since we were with the Axis troops all week, most of the pictures reflect that.

The hospital is a remarkable living history display in and of itself. The staff put on an excellent presentation and the crowds of spectators who come by always appreciate it. Linda and I gave the presentation on the period X-Ray machine this year. It is a real 1930’s Siemens unit, which would probably still work although it would not meet modern safety standards for radiation exposure. One of the tourists told us that his family owned a small company which sold medical equipment and that they had a machine just like that in their warehouse.

We had very little snow this year, so I suppose that detracted from the experience for the guys who went into the field, but I suspect that it still got fairly cold after being out there all day.

On Saturday evening, after being Germans all week, we switched sides and attended the winter meeting of the 193rd Soviet reenacting organization. Again, it was good to see old friends. Thus ended another pleasant week at the GAP. I would recommend that anyone who attends should make an effort to come by and check out the hospital. It is worth the walk!

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