Fort Indiantown Gap 2016

This year, The Battle of the Bulge Reenactment was held from January 27-31. On the way up on Friday, we had a harrowing drive through a white-out in western Maryland and, having been in one fender-bender already this winter, the thought of turning around and going home did cross my mind. But we toughed it out and by the time we got to Cumberland, the snow stopped and ten miles further down the road, we were using cruise control. Not that there was any shortage of snow on the sides of the road, but at least there was no more ON the road and no more in the forcast.

The event was under new management and back in its old location for this year’s event. Now run by the WWII Historical Association, reenactors and vendors alike found themselves in familiar territory in Area 12. I once again put on my acting shoes as a wounded Volksturmann needing attention at the German hospital. This living history display is always a big draw for the public and is invariably crowded during “surgeries”.

Linda was tasked this time with operating the period X-Ray machine. (Yes, it is real. No, she didn’t really run it!) She had a bit of a learning curve here since she doesn’t have a medical background, but picked it up quite quickly. Pete and Kate Gentry, who run this hospital display really know their stuff and provide an excellent description of period medical procedures for the large numbers of spectators who pass through in the course of Saturday’s public event.

Of course, shopping at the vendors is always an important feature of this event and this year, since they were mostly back in the more centralized locations, it was easier to get out and spend your money!

This is an event that we always look forward to attending and can recommend highly.


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  1. Helmut Thiel Avatar
    Helmut Thiel

    Great story, Jim! Unfortunately, only some of the pictures were present but enjoyed those that were viewable.

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