Chief Logan Civil War Reenactment 2014

October 1, 2014 - 1 Comment

by Jim Barnes

Logan II

News Flash! The following is a report from our correspondent, Bill Donegan from the field in the Southern Mountains:


Federal Battalion wiped out!


A Federal Battalion led by Captain Steve Allen was wiped out to a man at Chief Logan State Park on Saturday September 27, 2014.

The Federal objective was to capture and hold a bridge across a small creek in the forest. The Federals came upon a small company of Confederate Infantry in the forest and began pushing them back towards the objective. The Rebs stopped when they reached the bridge. The Federals were well situated behind some tall trees and began picking off the Rebs. Suddenly from the right flank, across the creek, Confederate cannon fire erupted and tore into the Federals. With Rebs to our front, a steep mountain to our left and cannons to our right we began a withdrawal.

Then to our rear we ran into another Reb company. Completely surrounded we decided to make a stand. I fired my rifle till the barrel was red hot. I was reaching for another one from a fallen comrade when I was struck in the back with a volley from the bridge. While I was bleeding out we were hit by another burst from cannon fire. I then saw Captain Allen surrendering to the Reb company to our rear. The Rebs threw him to the ground and beat him to death with their rifles.

Finally the Confederates were walking amongst the dead taking weapons and shoes. I was left for dead, but managed to survive many wounds. I was nursed back to health by a Union nurse who took me to her home in Charleston.

One of the Federals, Charlie Stewart, also survived as he had been captured earlier in the day and had been pressed into Confederate service on an artillery piece.


See attached photos of the pre battle camp:

Logan I Logan III


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Bill Donegan

October 8th, 2014 at 4:22 am    

It is good to breathe the air of Reenactor Post again.

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