Reading Airshow – June 7,8,9 2013


As some of you know, I have had a very demanding year and this has resulted in the blog being neglected. Hopefully, my health problems have straightened out and now I am getting happily settled into a new marriage and a new home. Hopefully, I will be able to get things in order on this end as well.

The following is a reprint of an article by our correspondent, Mike Momot in the newsletter of the 193rd Rifle Division:


During the weekend of June 7th, 8th, and 9th, the 193rd Rifle Division and Zaitsev Partisans participated in the 23rd Annual Reading Air Show. It started out as a very wet affair and attendance was all but nil on Friday. Most of the time was spent trying to stay dry. Saturday however turned out to be quite a nice affair as was Sunday.

The highlight of this weekend, despite a smaller turnout of members, was the ever evolving presentations put on by the unit. This year’s feature was our Boarder Guard presentation by Don, Cavalry by Lou, Weapons display by Jim, and a live bayonet and hand to hand defense drill by Yuri with the troops participating in some fierce training. Additionally, a show of swordsmanship was displayed by Yuri. Complements to our Povar extraordinaire Gregoriy who knows how to keep the troops happy and well fed.

This event was overseen by our CO Bill Gibbs, and XO John Niemiec. Special thanks to Craig Hall and his lovely companion for their excellent presentation and chipping in with the camp layout,. Also, welcome to our newest members. Hope you had a good time! The long haul award has to go to the Zaitsev Partisans who trek down from Maine, Massachusetts, and all parts northeast. A surly looking lot for sure!

Last but not least, a very special award was bestowed upon the 193rd and Soviet participants of the 2012 Reading Air Show. Tallying all the votes of our fellow reenactors and the public alike, we received “Best of Show!” This is the first such award given and we have the honor of receiving it. The 2012 event was attended by over 1600 reenactors and thousands of visitors daily. Let me remind you this is no small feat as there are many quality units on the field. We may not have the vehicles or fancy gear but we engage the public and get involved. Let’s keep the tradition going, Here’s to 2013…ypa!!!

The link below is with compliments of the 193rd

Bayonet training in the 193rd!


By Mike Momot

(Reprinted with permission of the author)

reading I reading II Reading III  Reading VIReading V

Additional photos by John Niemiec.




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