Mayday, Mayday, Mayday in Connecticut! Part II

April 3, 2013 - No Comments

by Jim Barnes


Here is an update on the ongoing situation in Connecticut from our friend on the scene:


Hello All:

Things look very gloomy here in Connecticut. Monday afternoon the Governor and his party just released their bill to punish gun owners in this state for the crimes of an evil man. They have mercilessly exploited the tragedy of Sandy Hook to make life miserable for any gun owner in Connecticut. Even worse than New Jersey! They are pushing for a quick vote on the bill for Wednesday before people have a chance to read and understand it.

Please help.

Below and attached are some of the letters that I have been sending. Use them as a guide and send them to the politicians listed below. What they do to us here in Connecticut they will use as a blueprint for attacking us all at the state and federal level.

Please pass this distress call on to any others that may help.

Thank you

Lewis Merritt

Cpl. 1 Can.Para.


Senator Gayle Slossberg

Representative James Maroney

Representative Paul Davis

Senator Chris Murphy


Dear Representative


I have seen some of the proposed gun control bill reported in the news. I am appalled at the Draconian measures threatening the law abiding gun owners in this state. What is even more frightening is the speed at which it is being rushed.

A Class C Felony, 1 to 10 years in prison, if the paperwork gets messed up for a single magazine or you miss count and put in 11 instead of 10 rounds in. This punishment is in the same category as Manslaughter, Sexual assault, Robbery, Arson, etc… These are crimes where people are intending to commit harm upon other people. There probably isn’t any room in the proposed law for the Judge to take into account the circumstances of the offense. This is wrong!

Grandfathering exiting owners is a small olive branch to extend to avoid the ‘confiscation’ word. It does not provide for the thousands of out of state people who come to Connecticut each year for competitive shooting and historical re-enactments. It also deprives my sons and grandchildren of the rights that I have simply because of their date of birth. This is unequal treatment under the law. Massachusetts issues high capacity magazine permits to applicants to avoid this unfairness issue.

I dread to see what firearms are going to be added to the new banned list simply because some people are afraid of modern technology. The Governor his party are going to pass this bill before the public has a chance to review its details. It is political tricks like this that make people not trust their government.


Sincerely yours



Dear Representative Maroney:


I belong to a non-profit educational corporation that puts on historical re-enactments of WW1, WW2, Korea, etc. The Governors proposed Bans on semi-automatic rifles and magazines limits are of concern to us.


This 10 round limit may sound good to people unfamiliar with firearms but, it does not do anything to promote public safety. 15, 20 and 30 round magazines have been the standard size for many of the weapons that we use in our productions. This proposed limit of 10 rounds presents a problem as the cost of making custom 10 round magazines for these older weapons will be prohibitive. Also, some of the discriptions of banned rifles we have heard of may include our historic firearms.


If these punitive measures go through, please try to include some exemptions for educational purposes e.g. historical re-enacting, or exempt the firearms that have been declared Antique, Curio and Relics, or registered on the NFA list by the Federal Government. Keeping them off of the Banned List or from restricting their magazine capacity would help the Re-enacting community continue to make history engaging to more people. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has made these provisions in their firearms laws for both its residents and non-residents.


Sincerely yours



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