16th Annual Scary Creek Battle

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Here is a report from our correspondent, Bill Donegan:

From March 21 through 24th the Valley Park, Hurricane Civil War Week-end was held as the tribute to the sesquicentennial.

The public was invited to visit the campsites, meet President Lincoln (Fritz Klein) as well as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, who gave talks at the commons room.

There was a ladies tea, military ball, wagon rides, sutlers, meals for the reenactors, and a replica of the Hunley (civil war submarine). And there was the battle of Scary Creek.

I must say that I was surprised that there were about forty confederate tents while the union fielded only two A frames. As the newly elected Chaplain for the First West Virginia Infantry, I recruited three confederates to galvanize for the battle, loaning one of the rebs my blue sack coat to wear. This year we few Yanks were placed up on the hill north of the park, and across the creek to await the confederate attack. I changed into a privates uniform for the battle. Several more confederates joined the galvanization, and there were at least 3 captains to give the orders. I was ordered to take a position behind a large tree on the crest of the hill. From my tree I could observe all the confederate movements. I was able to shout out the alarm when flanking maneuvers began which caused movement on the top of the hill. I remained at my OP and fired at anyone who moved. I had no idea that the planned scenario was for the rebs to advance up the hill directly towards my OP . I kept up such a ferocious amount of fire that the rebs could no advance until I had run out of ammo (80) rounds.

Since my leg was hurting I could not attend the dance on Saturday.

Here are the few photographs that I managed to take on Saturday before the battle.

Bill Donegan

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