The Gap 2013

February 27, 2013 - No Comments

by Jim Barnes


As always, my reenacting year starts off at Fort Indiantown Gap during the Battle of the Bulge week in January. So it was again this year, with the additional attraction of initiating my fiancee into the wonders of reenacting/living history. As I had done before, I offered my services to German hospital as a patient. Lying around and looking miserable is one of my specialties! Linda served as a civilian volunteer. As usual, Pete and Kate Gentry and crew put together a great living history presentation and we was happy to be part of it.

This year, Pete arranged to have Brian Demory apply moulage wounds to the ‘patients’ in order to provide a more realistic appearance. He did a great job and we looked as nasty as anything I have seen on a movie set. Several of the spectators seemed appropriately grossed out during the public demonstrations in the morning. After that, it was decided that I would keep the wound, although bandaged, while Linda and I walked around the vendor areas. This was good advertisement for the hospital and elicited quite a few looks.

In the evening, we retired to our hotel to change into our Soviet kits for the 193rd’s winter meeting. This is held every year prior to the 1940’s dance at the Community Club. (This year, we stayed at the Quality Inn, which is located on the same side of the interstate as FIG. The hotel was slightly cheaper than the others in the area but had very few guests while we were there. The room was nice and conveniently located, the staff was pleasant and the continental breakfast was perfectly adequate, so it worked out great for us!)

Overall, FIG was a good experience as always. Linda got to experience the hobby, we did some shopping and visited with some old friends. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Photos by Jim Barnes and Craig Hall


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