Ostfront – Old Bedford Village – Fall 2012

November 15, 2012 - 1 Comment

by Jim Barnes



The following is a report on last weekend’s tactical at OBV (sponsored by Grossdeutschland) by our correspondent, Mike Momot.

Old Bedford Village – Bedford, PA

9-11 November 2012

“Tactical Soviet-Civilian-German”

Romania 1944

Historical Background:

The GD Division pulled back to the Dniestr River in the last half of March 1944; by April it was engaged in the area around Targul Frumos in Romania, first launching a counterattack on 25 April, then participating in severe defensive battles in the first week of May. By 7 May, the front had quieted, and the remainder of the month was spent reorganizing. While some subunits such as the first company of Panzer Füsilier Regiment GD and the Armored Reconnaissance Battalion were re-equipping with new armored vehicles, the two infantry regiments were being reduced to three battalions of four companies each, rather than four battalions of five companies each.

Scenario brief: GD is in full retreat out of Russia. They have fallen into a small Romanian Village for a short time to rearm and assess themselves. It is known that the Romanian villagers could be hostile and should be questioned. GD must have a translator conduct an interrogation to gain any valuable information needed for a defense. This is due to reports of advancing Russian and Romanian Troops near the area. Also a hospital must be established for any wounded that maybe falling back from the front. GD will hold until relived or commanded by headquarters.

But what happened was Soviet forces applying superior tactics and taking the village and surrounding area. I was very proud of the job troops did in securing victory over the fascists

More of Bedford to follow as the reports and photographs roll in from the field.

Reprinted from the 193rd Rifle Division newsletter by permission of the author.

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Mike Momot

November 15th, 2012 at 9:58 pm    

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. The weather was beautiful reaching the low 60’s, bright and sunny. This battle broke down into four parts: I. the push into the village. II. the assault and capture of the redoubt with special thanks going out to our hearty scouts for capturing an enemy truck – the old Trojan Horse. IIIa. the tedious assault over open terrain to gain access back into the village and interrogation of the locals to gain valuable intelligence. 9th Guards worked hard in a pincer movement back around the other side of the village. we could hear the sounds of battle as they fought their way back in, Scott Miller in command. IIIb. the final assault and capture of the field hospital. We bogged down as Fritz put up a tenacious fight. Thanks to all forces including our Polish partisan allies! IV. the Defense. Holding the hospital and village from a final attack by Fritz and successfully taking our objective. Za Rodinu. ypa!!!

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