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Another January, another Gap. It is always one of the few things to look forward to during the deep winter… not that this has been much of a winter. Friday, I ran into a little falling snow on the way, but that quickly dissipated. The skies on Saturday were mostly clear and while walking around in a wool overcoat, I began to get a bit warm by mid-afternoon.

Do to my work schedule, I only went for the Saturday activities this year. Shopping at the various vendors took up about half of that time and visiting took up most of the rest. The British kit that I have put together features a lot of pockets. Very helpful for stuffing your purchases away so you don’t have to carry them everywhere while you cruise through the vendors. Since my time was limited, I didn’t get to visit with many of the folks that I normally would have. For those I missed, sorry -  no snub intended.

The big change this year, of course, was the move to area 13 and the newer barracks. I was concerned about wearing hobnailed Ammo boots into the new barracks, so I put duct tape over them, but that wore through after about a hundred yards, so I didn’t try to go into any barracks. I did drop into the German hospital which was in an old building by itself and ended up as a wounded POW. This afforded a good opportunity to take a load off my feet and recieve attention from lovely nurses!

Saturday evening, I met up with my comrades from the 193rd Rifle Division for our annual winter meeting at the Community Building, which was well-attended and productive. Afterward, several of us retired to the ballroom to observe the dancing and other festivities going on there.

Overall, it was a good weekend and even though I was there for a short visit, I enjoyed the Gap, as always.


5 responses to “Gap – 2012”

  1. Bill Donegan Avatar
    Bill Donegan

    The chaplain has been sick since the GAP.

    As soon as he is well he will submit his perspective of this years gap.

    God bless.


  2. Matthew Gillespie Avatar
    Matthew Gillespie

    Looks like a great time Jim. Enjoyed the pictures.

  3. bill Donegan Avatar
    bill Donegan

    Hey did that Chaplain ever send in his report.

    Hellmut Heudtlaß

  4. Jim Barnes Avatar
    Jim Barnes

    Yes, he did and it will be appearing soon!

  5. Bill Donegan, Oberleutnant Avatar
    Bill Donegan, Oberleutnant

    O boy I am excited. I’m gonna tell all my friends on all my lists and facebook to read this blog.


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