Troops and Trains II

Here is Part two of  Bill’s report on Troops and Trains:
Following our train ride with the Federal Generals, we returned to the museum to guard tables for the Nowacks (WW2 Army Air Corp, and Homefront), as well as Greg Hall (Vietnam display). On the walk back we spoke German to some tourists who could actually understand our southern accents. We were suddenly buzzed by three Taylorcraft BC-12 with USA markings.  We later met one of the pilots at the USO dance held at the museum.
While guarding Halls table an old Vietnam Vet approached, declared his unit, saluted me, and didn’t bat an eye as I advised him that I had worn my Civil War uniform in Nam back in 68.  He said, ‘You really are old guard!”
While guarding the WW2 table, Linda spoke French to some tourists who declared that the American Civil War reminded them of Algeria.  Linda discussed Homefront shortages to a British couple, and then discussed ladies fashions of the 1940s.  The visitors were pleased that we could discuss issues in a time line from Civil War through WW1 and WW2 to Vietnam.  After swapping stories with many veterans we adjourned and had dinner again with the Nowacks at the Iron Horse, whose owner, Denise, is from West Virginia. Then back to the digs for a change and then off to the USO dance (I have sent a video of the dance).
This concludes my report.
Bill Donegan


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