Troops and Trains 2011 pt. I


Bill and Linda Donegan attended the annual Troops and Trains event in Strassburg, Pa over the weekend of November 5th. Here is their report:


Strasburg, Pa November 4, 2011 had dinner with Dave and Lois Nowack.
Saturday November 5,2011 we had breakfast with the Nowacks.  Linda and I dressed in Civil War attire and we proceeded to the Strasburg Train Museum for our orientation/safety meeting.  Linda and I were greeters/meeters at the museum and acted as a walking Civil War display.  We met Mike, a fellow Union solder and we decided to form an ad hoc unit.  We found an empty table and chairs, Mike took off his accouterments and voila, we had a display table. Soon we were joined by another artillery sergeant and Linda and I decided to walk around in the museum and pose for photographs with visitors.
Linda and I decided to walk across the road to the train station and mingle with the crowd, walk the platform and wave to passengers on the train (a train ride of one hour was assigned to each presenter). Soon we were joined by two more couples in Civil War attire.  We posed for many photographs and represented the Federal Generals Corps. We were General William Rosecrans (myself), Thomas Crittenden, and George H. Thomas. Funny how we three actually served together in Chattanooga.  In fact we actually asked the conductor if this was the Chattanooga cho cho.  To which he replied, “quarter to nine, track 29”. I told him that nothing could be finer than to have ham and eggs in Carolina.


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  1. Bill Donegan Avatar
    Bill Donegan

    I point out that this event takes place the same time as the WW1 in Newville, the “Cumberland goes to war”, the “GD vs 193rd Russians at Bedford”. Sometimes it is hard to pick and chose where to go. We went to the one farthest away from our home 7 hours drive! Had to spend some time with Dave and Lois.

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