Bulltown II

October 17, 2011 - 1 Comment

by Jim Barnes

Here is a further account of the fighting at Bulltown, WV:


(On the second day) I was asked to walk guard duty around the fort perimeter as the rest of the  garrison was asleep from the party the night before.

See attached photo.
As I looked out across the hollow through the trees I thought that I saw a rebel flag and some gray clad figures in the distance. I was about to raise the alarm when a reb officer tripped and his pistol fired.  This alerted the pickets who started shouting and running as fast as they could up the hill towards the fort. I gave them covering fire while they ran up the hill.
Major Skaggs ordered all to the trench that we had dug around the perimeter.  Some were clad in night shirts, no shoes, no pants etc. and carrying just their rifles and leathers.  We were ordered to load and stay down.  When the rebs were thirty feet away Maj. Skaggs ordered us to rise and fire.  Our volley was so strong that it hurled the rebs back down the hill.
The firing lasted about 50 rounds when a truce was called.  The officers met to discuss surrender.  Since no one wanted to surrender the firing started again.  Maj. Skaggs was wounded so an arty Capt. took command. Our position sustained three hits from artillery with only one man wounded.  Our Doctor John attended to the wound.  After about another 50 rounds, and with our gun barrels as hot as a frying pan from the oven,  the rebs were finished and left the hill to the Federals.
I am simply too tired to write any further details so here are my pictures which speak for themselves.
Bill Donegan
Additional pictures by Charlie and Retha Stewart.

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Bill Donegan

October 17th, 2011 at 11:43 am    

At WVRA meeting following the battle, someone suggested that we try a Western event.

I found one in Shilo Tennessee end of March/April.

The 10th WV is going. Anyone else want to go?

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