Logan Civil War Heritage weekend

October 4, 2011 - 1 Comment

by Jim Barnes

We recently received this  missive from a Union soldier involved in putting down the rebels in the Southern mountains (He has evidently had some schooling, but obviously lacks polish).
There was a rebellion broke out in Logan Sept. 24 and 25th.
It was so bad that President Lincoln himself had to come down and speak to the public.
There were several confederate solders who turned coat and joined the union forces to help quell the rebellion.
I met Steve Allen who joined the union navy and Charlie Stewart who joined the Union army.  They were helpful in lending their expertise in leading some fresh young Federals in attacking a Confederate strong hold in the woods of Logan.
There were many locals who turned out to watch the battle and lend their support.  Why there was even people a makin and sellin’ quilts, a ladies tea, and a band even showed up and a dance broke out.   Someone killt some chickens and fried em up. The whole dang week-end was a blast.
Steve and Charlie said they was a comin’ to Bull town too!
See ya,
Billy Yank Donegan
Logan Civil War Heritage weekend took place on  Sept 24, 25 2011, at  Chief Logan State Park, Logan, West Virginia. Admission was free to the public.
 The schedule included: Quilter’s activities, Ladies Tea, Tri-Rivers Band, Civil War Dance, two battles, Living History encampments, Military Drills, Sutlers, Blacksmith, Church service, Lincoln, races, tug of war, storytelling, Hay Rides, food! The event was sponsored by  Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, Logan Civil War Reenactment Committee, local churches and businesses.


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Billy Yank Donegan

October 5th, 2011 at 1:23 pm    

Retha Stewart took some pictures of the action in the woods where some yankees carried a woman away from her house. I will post them separately.


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