September 8, 2011 - No Comments

by Jim Barnes

The Pennsylvania  Trolley Museum near Washington, Pa. held it’s annual Antique Trucks and Trolleys event on Sunday, August 28. The 28th Infantry set up a living history display as usual and a fine time was had by all. This is a fun event with a lot happening for everyone involved.  Naturally, there are trolley rides all day as well as the exhibits in the museum. The antique truckers bring a wide variety of old iron out to fill up the museum grounds, including many that fit right in to the time period of  the WWII period military display.

The 28th camp was of good size and even included one lonesome Brit who got separated from his mates and wandered in to hang out with the Yanks. The unit had a good turnout of members,  including  WWII veteran , Jules Desgain. The weather for the weekend was seasonally warm and sunny. There were some good eats easily available thanks to an open air hot dog vendor, who had some particularly good Italian sausage if one was so inclined.

This is a nice, low-key event which is fairly nearby for all of us and features a pleasant environment and friendly, interested crowds. I wouldn’t miss it.

Thanks to Bill Burress for additional photographs.



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