First Report from Reading

June 10, 2011 - No Comments

by Jim Barnes



The following is a review of  last weekend’s Reading Airshow by our correspondent, Mike Momot:
Hello all,
Richelle did a wonderful job with the registration process.  I felt this worked quite nicely.  It certainly would have been better to have later registration hours Thursday and Friday nights for those coming from far away, and those with work and family commitments.

This was a big undertaking for Richelle.  She looked thoroughly exhausted on Sunday afternoon.  I’m sure she had her fair share of complaints.  I kind of felt bad for her.  It was a big undertaking.  My only beef was the security.  I know most everyone didn’t have a problem with the guys at the gate but being asked to “pop the back” to get my cooler inspected at Gate 5A Thursday morning was annoying, and while getting my bag inspected Friday afternoon at Gate 5 when returning with my daughter was okay, checking inside the boots was a bit over the top.  I’ll reserve my comments here.  At least they were all polite.

We got our fair share of visitors despite having our position changed from last year (twice).  This caused some minor problems but was otherwise okay as we were close to the portajohns.  We did get a visit from a Russian vet of the Great Patriotic War (WWII).  This was a joy and a highlight of the weekend all.  Enjoyed breaking bread with him and his family.

Back to our area…
It seems Reading Airshow is featured as an Axis and Western Allied event but let us not forget that 80% of Germany’s losses occurred in battle with the Red Army. And that we also fought the Japanese, after the war with Germany had ended.  Let me add however, I am happy that the PTO is expanding.  We in this country, like myself, a product and veteran of the Cold War, have only gotten a Westernized version of history as we grew up.  Talk to anyone about this and most will agree.  I think it would have been appropriate to promote this view of history by permitting our (Soviet) participation in a battle sequence this weekend given our less centralized location from previous years where we had drawn very high numbers of spectators.  We certainly had adequate numbers to present a good showing on the battlefield and the armament to back it up, too.

The weather was spectacular and the storms had held at bey.  One of the nicest weekends since Mother’s Day, in this region and one of the nicest at Reading, in recent years.

I hear crowd attendance was very good but reenactor and guest turnout was down.  I wonder why?  Perhaps I am being a bit facetious here.  Reading needs to consider the Airshow like this: “You can’t clap with one hand.”  In other words, it’s more than just planes.  I speak for all reenactors here.  Mom always said, “Don’t s..t where you eat!”

Thanks Richelle for a well organized registration.  I think this worked quite well.  I certainly was pleased with it.  If anyone else would like to add to these comments or refute what I say, please add your two cents.  We’d like to hear from all.

Regards, Misha (Миша)
193rd Rifle Division, Secretary


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