Upcoming Events – February and March

Things have been slow on the blog for the last month or so, due to real-life job responsibilities and a lack of events to cover. Hopefully that will be changing now.  With FIG over, the reenacting season is starting to crank up.  Here are some events coming up in the next couple of months:

February 2011

WWII – Elbe River Event, February 19, 2011, Old Bedford Village, Bedford, PA. regardless of the weather as usual. They still
have several buildings available and are currently accepting pre-registrations. As we speak, we have a few more in attendance this year

than last at this time. Just as a reminder, please bring PLENTY of ammo. Attached is the link for registrations and such..  www.freewebs.com/elbe1945 For any questions, call: Roger Bombard at: 703-431-6843.

March 2011

WWII – Spring 1945 Tactical event. March 11,12,and 13. Newville GWA site. Sponsored by 193rd Rifle Division and Fusilier Regiment Nr. 90 re-enacting units. Russians should contact Jason Brown at: jasonbrown193@yahoo.com or for general information, contact John Niemiec at : ostfrontjohn@verizon.net Germans contact Joe Murray at: ct1407@msn.com

Timeline – Military Through the Ages, March 19 and 20 at Jamestown Settlement, Jamestown, VA.  http://www.historyisfun.org/calendar.htm


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