Old Bedford Village Living History 2010

August 26, 2010 - 2 Comments

by Jim Barnes

Old Bedford Village has been described as the ‘Jewel of Reenacting’ in the Mid-Atlantic region, and I certainly agree. One of the premier events that I look forward to each summer is the annual OBV 1940’s weekend. It is always laid-back, interesting and fun. This year was no exception. Between John Niemiec, Craig Hall and myself, the 193rd rifle Division had a very substantial display around the schoolhouse at the rear of the village.

There seemed to be fewer reenactors this year than usual, and I suspect that part of the reason for this was the conflict with the ‘ Bridge at Remagen’ event which was going on the same weekend at Tidioute, PA. There is always the possibility of conflicts between events, but it is a shame that two quality WWII events occur on the same weekend and draw from basically the same pool of reenactors. I could have gone to either, but once again chose to support the Village, especially in view of the tough year it has had and with a changeover in management with the departure of long-time Director, Roger Kirwin.

Even though the reenactor turnout seemed to be down, the spectator attendence was as good or better than usual, and we were usually kept busy interacting with interested and enthusiastic passerby. This of course, means more revenue for the Village. The hospitality of the Village was gracious as always and we were treated to a fine dinner on Saturday evening. The new director (whose name I did not catch) spoke to the assembled reenactors, and seemed to very interested in the continuing the close relationship that the Village has long maintained with the reenacting community.  The annual Saturday night luau was a good time as always and a number of party-goers stayed into the wee hours. As for myself, I was in my sleeping bag by 10:30pm. I guess I’m just really not the party animal anymore.

All in all, the event was another successful weekend of living history, and one that justifies (at least to me) all the trouble it takes to load up and haul the sizable display that I have accumulated over the last few years.

Comments (2)

Bill Donegan

September 6th, 2010 at 2:20 pm    

Jim, I always enjoy your display and your large stammtent. It is nice to have a place to sit and rest between battles.

Bill and Linda

Jim Barnes

September 6th, 2010 at 2:33 pm    

Thanks. I have been cooked in the sun enough times to know the value of a shelter.

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