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August 2, 2010 - No Comments

by Jim Barnes

Here are the latest updates from Karen Ramsburg regarding the Justice Smith House:

Hi everyone,
With great excitement and plenty of research work ahead I want to introduce  It is a living document as we continue to sort through primary sources related to the events surrounding William and James Smith and the Black Boys Rebellion in 1765.
While the fate of the Justice William Smith house remains uncertain at this time we are moving forward to save its history.

Karen was also interviewed by Your 4 concerning the situation. Below is an excerpt:

MERCERSBURG, PA – The historic William Smith House is at the center of a controversy in Mercersburg. The nearby fire department says they need to expand, but some community groups want to find a way to preserve the landmark.

The pre-Revolutionary landmark faces three very different futures. It could be bulldozed to the ground, preserved and restored, or it could be shipped to Ireland.

“Apparently there’s someone who wants to buy it, or wants to take the house to move it to Ireland, but that gentleman has not been in contact with us. In fact when it comes to the house very few people contact us about the house, they seem to migrate more toward the historical group than us,” says Fire Chief Dusty Stoner of MMPW Volunteer Fire Department.”

To read the full text, go to:

We will continue to carry information on the effort to save this historic building from being  just another piece of American History sacrificed to build a parking lot. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to visit their website and learn more about the house and its significance.


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