Last WWI Veteran

February 3, 2010 - 1 Comment

by Jim Barnes

As many of you know, the last living WWI veteran lives in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle. He recently celebrated his 109th birthday. The story was covered by the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail:

“CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. (AP) – America’s last surviving World War I veteran is now 109.

Frank Woodruff Buckles celebrated his birthday Monday with family and friends at his home in West Virginia.

Buckles, who was born in Harrison County, Mo., says he hopes to celebrate at least a few more.

And he has one wish that he’s waiting on Congress to grant: Buckles wants to see the dedication of a new World War I memorial in Washington, D.C.”

For those of us who grew up when there were quite a few survivors from “The Great War”  around, it is sobering to realize that only one of these heroes remains among us. We salute Mr. Buckles and all of his comrades who have already passed on. When he is gone, it will truly be the closing of a chapter in the history of our country and the world.

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Matt Gillespie

May 8th, 2010 at 10:20 am    

Jim, I remember when there were several of these old boys around. My grandfather John Gillespie and great-uncle, Duffy Hornbeck, were WW1 veterans. My grandfather never talked about what he saw in France. I remember some of Uncle Duffy’s stories. Most were not about combat. They both died when I was in high school. I always regretted not talking to them more. Years later I asked my grandmother if grandpa had ever told her about his time in France. Even though they were married over 50 years he’d never talked to her about it either. Keep up the good work with the Reenactors Post.

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