Jefferson Davis Reenactor is Laid to Rest

March 16, 2009 - 1 Comment

by Jim Barnes

Submitted by Bill Donegan -March 12, 2009:
I can report that Mr. Cliff Howard, a/k/a President Jefferson Davis, was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon at the Lexington (Ky.) Cemetery, with proper military honors.  A decent contingent of living historians was present.  Upon arrival of the funeral cortege from the church service, Mr. Howard was transferred by a group of 8 military pallbearers representing several branches of service and both sides of the conflict to an antique, horse-drawn hearse being pulled by a pair of one-ton+ Belgians.   Proceeding behind the hearse was the traditional riderless horse with boots reversed in the stirrups.  Appropriate music was provided by two drummers, two buglers, and a bagpiper.  The procession of mourners wound some half-mile back to Mr. Howard’s final resting place and a very nice graveside service was performed.  At the conclusion of the service Mr. Howard was honored by three volleys from an infantry squad and one artillery piece, a beautiful rendition of “Echo Taps” by the buglers, and “Amazing Grace” by the bagpiper.
The floral arrangement from Lee’s Lieutenants was very nice and was present for both viewings as well as at the gravesite.  Lee’s Lieutenants was represented by Gen. Pettigrew and Gen. Trimble, although for ecumenical purposes and a paucity of the misguided minions of Lincoln, both donned blue uniforms to serve as pall bearers at the request of the widow.  (I cannot speak for Pettigrew, but I can report that the noxious color does, indeed, wash off with a vigorous scrubbing.)
We will very much miss Mr. Howard at our gatherings, for he was a wonderful soul who always brightened his surroundings by his mere presence.  We did implore Mrs. Joan Howard to “not be a stranger” and to continue joining with us in the pursuit of living history.
Your Obt. Svt.,
I.R. Trimble

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Amazing man.

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