Division of Tourism Announces Civil War Trails Program

February 18, 2009 - No Comments

by Jim Barnes

We just received the following announcement of interest to the Civil War community in West Virginia:

West Virginia Civil War Trails

The Division of Tourism is pleased to announce that it will be working with Civil War Trails Inc. to implement the Civil War Trails program in WV. Civil War Trails is an established, successful tourism marketing product already well-recognized in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee. West Virginia will be the newest addition to the program. The Division of Tourism is paying for the purchase and installation of the first 150 qualifying Civil War sites in the state.

“West Virginia is positioned to benefit from the regional branding and cross-promotion that the Civil War Trails program offers; especially as we approach the Sesquicentennial (150th Commemoration) of the Civil War and the birth of our Statehood” said Betty Carver, commissioner of the Division of Tourism.

For information on how to submit a site in or near your community, contact Justin Gaull at the WV Division of Tourism. jgaull@wvtourism.com

Additionally, for those who are interested:

….meetings are being held regularly via conference call if you can’t make it to the location they are being held in…if anyone is interested in being included in the Task Force email chain..they can email me at richmt@richmountain.org or Rick Wolfe (the unofficial President of the task force) at  E-mail Address(es):

We need the help and support of the reenactor community….all are welcome! the next meeting is March 26–let me know if anyone is available and we can get you the call in number for the teleconference
Chel Depp
Executive Director
Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation/Historic Beverly Preservation
PO Box 227 Beverly, WV 26253


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