28th Infantry Unit Meeting

January 23, 2009 - No Comments

by Jim Barnes


28th Infantry

On Sunday, January 11, I ventured out in the snow to the Pittsburgh area for a winter meeting of the 28th Infantry Division, 110th Infantry Reg. Company K. The primary focus of the meeting was to map out the schedule for the coming year. An agenda covering events from April through December, 2009 was mapped out and agreed upon. While all of these activities are not strictly WWII shows, they give the unit a chance to spread the word about WWII living history over a broad spectrum. The membership is primarily made up of guys from the western PA, eastern Ohio and northern WV area

The meeting was held at the home of Jules Desgain, a real WWII veteran and a very gracious host. Overall, this is a great bunch of guys who go out of their way to make a new member feel welcome. Also, if you have seen their setup, you know that they put up an impressive display including several vehicles, including jeeps and Dodge weapons carriers. Nice stuff!

The group is looking at setting up a new website. In the interim, if anyone is interested in joining up, they can contact me through this blog and I will connect you with the right people. If you live in this region and are interested in doing a US impression, this is a good outfit to consider.


Jules & Bill


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